1. What are the prices and conditions?
Contact me and get your quotation and packages. Minimum booking is not less then 2 hours.
 2. What is included in the price?
Live drawings on paper or digital, all art materials, printed branded paper. Ideally A5 format. Good quality paper suitable for chosen art materials.
 3. When should I book you for the event? 
Better to contact me in advance, at least in advance of your event to guarantee my availability.
 4. Any down payment required for booking? 
Yes, 50% down payment is required. 
 5. What art materials do you use for sketching and can I choose the materials?
Usually I mix traditional mediums : Watercolors, professional markers, ink, pencils. We can decide what material would be best for your party, just let me know your ideas and preferences.
 6. What options do you have for sketches?  
• Portraits. Portraits focused on the face, clothing, jewelry, accessories, watches, cosmetics and beauty brands. 
• Full-length fashion sketch. Full-length fashion sketches featuring the person’s looks and image. It is a pleasant reminder of how good the guests looked on the day of the event. This works especially well for fashion boutiques and fashion show events. 
 7. How can guests get digital sketches? 
Guests will get these illustrations immediately on their phone via airdrop or e-mail or it might be printed the same day. 
 8. How many guests can you sketch per hour?
Usually 6-8 quests per hour. But if you do not need a very detailed sketch and you want as many as possible guests to get the sketched then I can spend around 5 minutes per sketch. 
 9. Do guests need to pose? 
It’s not really required. I can take a picture or the guests can give me one of their own pictures that they would like me to sketch.
10. What do you require for your working place to sketch?
I need a comfortable chair for me and the guest, a table to draw on and set up my art materials, and good light. 
11. Do you draw only on paper?
I can do customization and sketch stylized portraits of the guests on anything, such as perfume bottles, bags, gift boxes and cocktail glasses. I have special materials for that and many creative and exciting ideas to offer!
12. How  does live sketching work? What will you do? 
I take picture of the guests and then sit and draw on my table without disturbing anybody. Ideally, you could inform your guests that there is an artist who is sketching live, and if they are interested to be sketched. After a few minutes or during the event they can collect their sketch.
 13. What if an illustrator does not show up ?
I will forfeit my payment and have a bad reputation. I am a very responsible person who values and respects your commitment to me and mine to you. And in case of something major happening that is out of my hand, I would immediately inform the client and return the down payment in full. 

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